KaaSCephOperationRequest failure with a timeout during rebalance

Ceph OSD removal procedure includes the Ceph OSD out action that starts the Ceph PGs rebalancing process. The total time for rebalancing depends on a cluster hardware configuration: network bandwidth, Ceph PGs placement, number of Ceph OSDs, and so on. The default rebalance timeout is limited by 30 minutes, which applies to standard cluster configurations.

If the rebalance takes more than 30 minutes, the KaaSCephOperationRequest resources created for removing Ceph OSDs or nodes fail with the following example message:

      errorReason: Timeout (30m0s) reached for waiting pg rebalance for osd 2
      status: Failed

To apply the issue resolution, increase the timeout for all future KaaSCephOperationRequest resources:

  1. On the management cluster, open the Cluster resource of the affected managed cluster for editing:

    kubectl -n <managedClusterProjectName> edit cluster <managedClusterName>

    Replace <managedClusterProjectName> and <managedClusterName> with the corresponding values of the affected managed cluster.

  2. Add pgRebalanceTimeoutMin to the ceph-controller Helm release values section in the Cluster spec:

          - name: ceph-controller
                    pgRebalanceTimeoutMin: <rebalanceTimeout>

    The <rebalanceTimeout> value is a required rebalance timeout in minutes. Must be an integer greater than zero. For example, 60.

  3. Save the edits and exit from the Cluster resource.

If you have an existing KaaSCephOperationRequest resource with errorReason to process:

  1. Copy the spec section in the failed KaaSCephOperationRequest resource.

  2. Create a new KaaSCephOperationRequest with a different name. For details, see Creating a Ceph OSD removal request.

  3. Paste the previously copied spec section of the failed KaaSCephOperationRequest resource to the new one.

  4. Remove the failed KaaSCephOperationRequest resource.