Container Cloud web UI browser compatibility

The Container Cloud web UI runs in the browser, separate from any backend software. As such, Mirantis aims to support browsers separately from the backend software in use, although each Container Cloud release is tested with specific browser versions.

Mirantis currently supports the following web browsers for the Container Cloud web UI:


Supported version

Release date

Supported operating system


94.0 or newer

November 2, 2021

Windows, macOS

Google Chrome

96.0.4664 or newer

November 15, 2021

Windows, macOS

Microsoft Edge

95.0.1020 or newer

October 21, 2021



This table does not apply to third-party web UIs such as the StackLight or Keycloak endpoints that are available through the Container Cloud web UI. Refer to the official documentation of the corresponding third-party component for details about its supported browsers versions.

To ensure the best user experience, Mirantis recommends that you use the latest version of any of the supported browsers. The use of other browsers or older versions of the browsers we support can result in rendering issues, and can even lead to glitches and crashes in the event that the Container Cloud web UI does not support some JavaScript language features or browser web APIs.


Mirantis does not tie browser support to any particular Container Cloud release.

Mirantis strives to leverage the latest in browser technology to build more performant client software, as well as ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest browser security updates. To this end, our strategy is to regularly move our supported browser versions forward, while also lagging behind the latest releases by approximately one year to give our customers a sufficient upgrade buffer.