Troubleshoot credentials creation

If the Credentials object is in the Error or Invalid state, verify whether the provided credentials are valid and adjust them accordingly.

To adjust the Credentials object:

  1. Verify the Credentials object status:

    kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToKindKubeconfig> \
    get <providerName>credentials <credentialsObjectName> -o jsonpath='{.status.valid}{"\n"}'

    Replace <providerName> with the name of the selected provider. For example, openstackcredentials or vspherecredentials.

  2. Open the Credentials object for editing:

    kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToKindKubeconfig> \
    edit <providerName>credentials <credentialsObjectName>
  3. Adjust the credentials password:

    1. In of the Credentials object spec section, obtain the related Secret object.

    2. Replace the existing base64-encoded string of the related secret with a new one containing the adjusted password:

      apiVersion: v1
      kind: Secret
        value: Zm9vYmFyCg==