Delete a machine pool

We recommend deleting cluster machines using the Container Cloud web UI or API instead of using the cloud provider tools directly. Otherwise, the cluster deletion or detachment may hang and additional manual steps will be required to clean up machine resources.

An operational managed cluster must contain a minimum of 3 Kubernetes manager nodes to meet the etcd quorum and 2 Kubernetes worker nodes.

The deployment of the cluster does not start until the minimum number of nodes is created.

A machine with the manager node role is automatically deleted during the cluster deletion.

Deletion of the manager nodes is allowed for non-MOSK-based clusters within the Technology Preview features scope for the purpose of node replacement or recovery.

To delete a machine pool from a managed cluster:

  1. Log in to the Container Cloud web UI with the m:kaas:namespace@operator or m:kaas:namespace@writer permissions.

  2. Switch to the required project using the Switch Project action icon located on top of the main left-side navigation panel.

  3. In the Clusters tab, click the required cluster name to open the list of machines and machine pools running on it.

  4. Click the More action icon in the required machine pool section and select Delete. Confirm the deletion by selecting Delete All Machines In The Pool and clicking Delete.

    Deleting a machine pool automatically deletes all machines assigned to the pool and frees up the resources allocated to them.