VMWare vSphere network objects

VMWare vSphere network objects

The VMWare vSphere provider of Mirantis Container Cloud supports the following types of vSphere network objects:

  • Virtual network

    A network of virtual machines running on a hypervisor(s) that are logically connected to each other so that they can exchange datar. Virtual machines can be connected to virtual networks that you create when you add a network.

  • Distributed port group

    A port group associated with a vSphere distributed switch that specifies port configuration options for each member port. Distributed port groups define how connection is established through the vSphere distributed switch to the network.

A Container Cloud cluster can be deployed using one of these network objects with or without a DHCP server in the network:

  • Non-DHCP Available since 2.6.0

    Container Cloud uses IPAM service to manage IP addresses assignment to machines. You must provide additional network parameters, such as CIDR, gateway, IP ranges, and nameservers. Container Cloud processes this data to the cloud-init metadata and passes the data to machines during their bootstrap.

  • DHCP

    Container Cloud relies on a DHCP server to assign IP addresses to virtual machines.