Requirements for a bootstrap node

A bootstrap node is necessary only to deploy the management cluster. When the bootstrap is complete, the bootstrap node can be redeployed and its resources can be reused for the managed cluster workloads.

The minimum reference system requirements of a baremetal-based bootstrap seed node are described in System requirements for the seed node. The minimum reference system requirements a bootstrap node for other supported Container Cloud providers are as follows:

  • Any local machine on Ubuntu 20.04 that requires access to the provider API with the following configuration:

    • 2 vCPUs

    • 4 GB of RAM

    • 5 GB of available storage

    • Docker version currently available for Ubuntu 20.04

  • Internet access for downloading of all required artifacts


For the vSphere cloud provider, you can also use RHEL 8.7 with the same system requirements as for Ubuntu.