Collect the bootstrap logs

If the bootstrap script fails during the deployment process, collect and inspect the bootstrap and management cluster logs.

To collect the bootstrap logs:

  1. Log in to your local machine where the bootstrap script was executed.

  2. Run the following command:

    ./ collect_logs

    The logs are collected in the directory where the bootstrap script is located.

  3. Technology Preview. For bare metal clusters, assess the Ironic pod logs:

    • Extract the content of the 'message' fields from every log message:

      kubectl -n kaas logs <ironicPodName> -c syslog | jq -rM '.message'
    • Extract the content of the 'message' fields from the ironic_conductor source log messages:

      kubectl -n kaas logs <ironicPodName> -c syslog | jq -rM 'select(.source == "ironic_conductor") | .message'

    The syslog container collects logs generated by Ansible during the node deployment and cleanup and outputs them in the JSON format.

The Container Cloud logs structure in <output_dir>/<cluster_name>/ is as follows:

  • /events.log - human-readable table that contains information about the cluster events

  • /system - system logs

  • /system/mke (or /system/MachineName/mke) - Mirantis Kuberntes Engine (MKE) logs

  • /objects/cluster - logs of the non-namespaced Kubernetes objects

  • /objects/namespaced - logs of the namespaced Kubernetes objects

  • /objects/namespaced/<namespaceName>/core/pods - pods logs from a specified Kubernetes namespace

  • /objects/namespaced/<namespaceName>/core/pods/<containerName>.prev.log - logs of the pods from a specified Kubernetes namespace that were previously removed or failed

  • /objects/namespaced/<namespaceName>/core/pods/<ironicPodName>/syslog.log Technology Preview - Ironic pod logs of the bare metal clusters


    Logs collected by the syslog container during the bootstrap phase are not transferred to the management cluster during pivoting. These logs are located in /volume/log/ironic/ansible_conductor.log inside the Ironic pod.

Depending on the type of issue found in logs, apply the corresponding fixes. For example, if you detect the LoadBalancer ERROR state errors during the bootstrap of an OpenStack-based management cluster, contact your system administrator to fix the issue. To troubleshoot other issues, refer to the corresponding section in Troubleshooting.