Obtain the Mirantis license

  1. Select from the following options:

    • Open the email from support@mirantis.com with the subject Mirantis Container Cloud License File or Mirantis OpenStack License File

    • In the Mirantis CloudCare Portal, open the Account or Cloud page

  2. Download the License File and save it as mirantis.lic under the kaas-bootstrap directory on the bootstrap node.

  3. Verify that mirantis.lic contains the previously downloaded Container Cloud license by decoding the license JWT token, for example, using jwt.io.

    Example of a valid decoded Container Cloud license data with the mandatory license field:

        "exp": 1652304773,
        "iat": 1636669973,
        "sub": "demo",
        "license": {
            "dev": false,
            "limits": {
                "clusters": 10,
                "workers_per_cluster": 10
            "openstack": null


    The MKE license does not apply to mirantis.lic. For details about MKE license, see MKE documentation.