Obtain the Mirantis license

  1. Create a user account at www.mirantis.com.

  2. Log in to your account and download the mirantis.lic license file.

  3. Save the license file as mirantis.lic under the kaas-bootstrap directory on the bootstrap node.

  4. Verify that mirantis.lic contains the exact Container Cloud license previously downloaded from www.mirantis.com by decoding the license JWT token, for example, using jwt.io.

    Example of a valid decoded Container Cloud license data with the mandatory license field:

        "exp": 1652304773,
        "iat": 1636669973,
        "sub": "demo",
        "license": {
            "dev": false,
            "limits": {
                "clusters": 10,
                "workers_per_cluster": 10
            "openstack": null


    The MKE license does not apply to mirantis.lic. For details about MKE license, see MKE documentation.