2.26.4 (current)

The Container Cloud patch release 2.26.4, which is based on the 2.26.0 major release, provides the following updates:

  • Support for the patch Cluster releases 16.1.4 and 17.1.4 that represents Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK) patch release 24.1.4.

  • Support for MKE 3.7.8.

  • Bare metal: update of Ubuntu mirror from 20.04~20240411171541 to 20.04~20240502102020 along with update of minor kernel version from 5.15.0-102-generic to 5.15.0-105-generic.

  • Security fixes for CVEs in images.

This patch release also supports the latest major Cluster releases 17.1.0 and 16.1.0. And it does not support greenfield deployments based on deprecated Cluster releases. Use the latest available Cluster release instead.

For main deliverables of the parent Container Cloud release of 2.26.4, refer to 2.26.0.

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