Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the Mirantis Container Cloud release 2.26.0 along with the Cluster releases 17.1.0 and 16.1.0.


This section provides descriptions of issues addressed since the last Container Cloud patch release 2.25.4.

For details on addressed issues in earlier patch releases since 2.25.0, which are also included into the major release 2.26.0, refer to 2.25.x patch releases.

  • [32761] [LCM] Fixed the issue with node cleanup failing on MOSK clusters due to the Ansible provisioner hanging in a loop while trying to remove LVM thin pool logical volumes, which occurred due to issues with volume detection before removal during cluster redeployment. The issue resolution comprises implementation of automatic cleanup of LVM thin pool volumes during the provisioning stage.

  • [36924] [LCM] Fixed the issue with Ansible starting to run on nodes of a managed cluster after the mcc-cache certificate is applied on a management cluster.

  • [37268] [LCM] Fixed the issue with Container Cloud cluster being blocked by a node stuck in the Prepare or Deploy state with error processing package openssh-server. The issue was caused by customizations in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, such as additional Match statements.

  • [34820] [Ceph] Fixed the issue with the Ceph rook-operator failing to connect to Ceph RADOS Gateway pods on clusters with the Federal Information Processing Standard mode enabled.

  • [38340] [StackLight] Fixed the issue with Telegraf Docker Swarm timing out while collecting data by increasing its timeout from 10 to 25 seconds.