Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the Container Cloud patch release 2.26.1 along with the patch Cluster releases 17.1.1 and 16.1.1.

  • [39330] [StackLight] Fixed the issue with the OpenSearch cluster being stuck due to initializing replica shards.

  • [39220] [StackLight] Fixed the issue with Patroni failure due to no limit configuration for the max_timelines_history parameter.

  • [39080] [StackLight] Fixed the issue with the OpenSearchClusterStatusWarning alert firing during cluster upgrade if StackLight is deployed in the HA mode.

  • [38970] [StackLight] Fixed the issue with the Logs dashboard in the OpenSearch Dashboards web UI not working for the system index.

  • [38937] [StackLight] Fixed the issue with the View logs in OpenSearch Dashboards link not working in the Grafana web UI.