Configure the cluster and machines metadata

  1. Adjust the templates/cluster.yaml.template parameters to suit your deployment:

    1. In the spec::providerSpec::value section, add the mandatory ExternalNetworkID parameter that is the ID of an external OpenStack network. It is required to have public Internet access to virtual machines.

    2. In the spec::clusterNetwork::services section, add the corresponding values for cidrBlocks.

    3. Configure other parameters as required.

  2. In templates/machines.yaml.template, modify the spec:providerSpec:value section for 3 control plane nodes marked with the label by substituting the flavor and image parameters with the corresponding values of the control plane nodes in the related OpenStack cluster. For example:

    spec: &cp_spec
          apiVersion: ""
          kind: "OpenstackMachineProviderSpec"
          flavor: kaas.minimal
          image: bionic-server-cloudimg-amd64-20190612


    The flavor parameter value provided in the example above is cloud-specific and must meet the Container Cloud requirements.

    Also, modify other parameters as required.