Virtual machine issues with obtaining an IP

Issues with virtual machines obtaining an IP may occur during the machines deployment of the vSphere-based Container Cloud management or managed cluster with IPAM enabled.

The issue symptoms are as follows:

  • On a cluster network with a DHCP server, the machine obtains a wrong IP address that is most likely provided by the DHCP server. The cluster deployment proceeds with unexpected IP addresses that are not in the IPAM range.

  • On a cluster network without a DHCP server, the machine does not obtain an IP address. The deployment freezes and fails by timeout.

To apply the issue resolution:

  1. Verify that the cloud-init package version in the VM template is 19.4 or later. Older versions are affected by the cloud-init bug.

    cloud-init --version
  2. Verify that the open-vm-tools package version is 11.0.5 or later.

    vmtoolsd --version
    vmware-toolbox-cmd --version
  3. Verify that the /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/99-DataSourceVMwareGuestInfo.cfg file is present on the cluster and it is not empty.

  4. Verify that the file is present in the cloud-init sources folder and is not empty. To obtain the cloud-init folder:

    python -c 'import os; from cloudinit import sources; print(os.path.dirname(sources.__file__));'

If your deployment meets the requirements described in the verification steps above but the issue still persists, rebuild the VM template as described in Prepare the virtual machine template or contact Mirantis support.